Tuesday, October 27, 2015

~A Step Further: Engagement~


Finally moved a step further! Yes, am engaged with my ‘ex’-boyfriend and current fiancĂ©~!

It’s been a long struggle, but we overcame the obstacles and are finally moving on. I’m feeling very happy being with him since university, even if it wasn’t always a blue sky, there has been rain and even cyclones, but we are finally seeing the rainbow after the storms. We know that there is still much to learn, much to overcome in the future, but we believe that together, we can!

Even before the final decision for how and where to do the engagement, we have had different opinions, yet after discussions, we have come to an agreement. We wanted to do a simple gathering of two families and have dinner in a good restaurant. I proposed LUX* Grand Gaube amongst the other options since I visited this hotel recently because of work, and we finally agreed on this venue.

LUX* Grand Gaube is a magnificent 5 star hotel situated in the North of Mauritius, when I visited it last time, the view was really wow~!


The view of Coin de Mire from its restaurant “The Beach”


One of the reasons to go to LUX* resorts: Tree of Wishes

Before heading to the hotel, we did a simple engagement ceremony at home, with him putting the engagement ring on my ring finger, cake cutting, family photo sessions and have a cup of tea together.


Napolitaine cakes to be distributed to close friends & families


Calla Lily bought by my mother for this special occasion


Reaching the hotel, it was already getting dark,so we did not take much photos before getting seated for dinner~


The menu design was really a surprise for us, we did not notice our photo until my mother told me so! The food was delicious too!! We are even interested to try out its buffet dinner next time~!


To summarize, it was a perfect night, accomplishing one important step of our lives. I am grateful for my parents’ efforts and blessings received from family and friends.

Happy happy!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

~Fun Adventure Seakart Experience~

It’s been a while~
Work is killing me~But I think that the advantage of where I work is to be able to visit and experience the different activities and hotels/parks found in Mauriitus~
So, without further delay, let’s start this post!
I have had the chance to visit and experience Seakart by Fun Adventure for the first time of my life~! I have been always attracted to this water activity since the day I viewed its promotional video on youtube:
Promotional Video on Seakart by Fun Adventure Mauritius
Finally, the day came and I was so happy to see the ray of sunlight and the clear sky when I woke up in the morning, as the days before were covered and rainy! Driving to the district of Black River, we followed the billboard and signage and finally reached the destination~!
You can park your car (if you are driving there) at the end of the road~
The Entrance~
The famous seakarts, waiting to go into the water~!
Keep going towards the reception, but first, behind this wall, you can find the changing rooms, toilets and the showers
The shower is equipped with hot water! My savior in the cold winter~! (Even if it was hot on that day!)
Before entering the reception, we could see the hanging life jackets and resting area ahead~
There is even a pool to jump in during the wait!
The weather that day was really perfect for this trip! We signed up for the 1 hour seakart activity. Before it started, the Fun Adventure staff did an introduction and briefing on how to operate the seakart, the hand signages to follow and the precautions etc in English and French. For Chinese guests, they have prepared a powerpoint presentation to help them understand better. Generally, the characteristics of a seakart are: 2m80 long and 2 m wide, inflatable jet boat of 110 horse power engine: Unsinkable, incredibly stable very safe and easy to drive.
Changing into battle…I meant… swimming suits with life jacket~
Once set, the monitor led us on foot for a 5 minutes’ walk to the shore, where the main character of today’s post awaited!
Boarding~ And as you can see below, it’s quite simple to control, to accelerate, there is a metal flap behind the steering wheel, where you lift lightly to accelerate and release to stop.
To head out to the more spacious area, we started at low speed one seakart after the other. After some minutes, the monitor on the leading security boat signalled us to separate and form an inverse V formation, keeping a distance of 50m with each other to avoid collision due to unanticipated events. During the cruise we had to keep an eye on the monitor to check whether we should get closer, go further, accelerate or decelerate (You must have very good vision to do so, niahaha, which… is not my case.)
As we drove through the sea of the South Western part of Mauritius, we were amazed by not only the stability of the seakart (meaning it does not capsize easily but do bumps a lot if you are not the one driving, so hold on to the handle on your left please~!) but also by the changing colors of the beautiful waters.
We made a stop at Ile aux Benitiers to take photos. Forgot to mention, during the trip, remember to keep smiling as the monitor will be taking your photos (Which you can buy from them later when you get back to the reception)! You can change with your partner here if you want to drive! Next we made a turn and headed back. We stopped at looked at the mangroves
Another photo shooting pause… Finally Seakarting Ting on the wheel~! Behold, Fish!(?)
So my “driving skills” were good enough to get a thumb up (O v O)b ? Hehe~ Then on the wheels, I could finally understand why my boyfriend couldn’t stop accelerating while it was still his turn! The speed and the wind messing with your hair, the sea water splashing on you… You are the one controlling, and you could feel the adrenaline pumping up, urging you to go even faster (just saying, I still reduced speed when I found I was going a bit too fast, breaking the formation, ehe)
Again amazed by the color of the sea, so beautiful~!
Soon enough, our 1 hour seakart session was over! Seakart is definitely one of the most amazing experience I have had in my life till now! Seakart is an expensive activity in Mauritius, you can check the price on its website: Fun Adventure. But I will not regret doing it again! Want to bring my siblings for the next ride! (…Looks into my purse though) It’s time to make some savings! Wahahahahahaha *laughs till infinity*
Note: Water will spill on you for sure! So if you plan to bring a camera along, make sure it is a waterproof one!
A small video to show the speed of the Seakart to end this post: