Friday, July 22, 2016

~Pre-Wedding Preps~

So...yeah...After the engagement, it's time to get married! (P.S. This is a backdated post~ (> w <))

Feeling excited yet we didn't want to do an extraordinary wedding, we wanted to keep it as simple as possible (and as low cost as possible, ehe~)

Though I mentioned "low cost", I still bought a pair of wedding shoes online. After some research, I have decided on Orin's wedding shoes~

The butterfly on the side is so cute! And this is by far the highest heeled pair of shoes that I own... On wearing they were very comfortable, but I think my standing position was not correct, causing severe foot pain even after several days. I am really not used to wearing heels...and imagine I had to wear it for a whole day!

As for wedding dress, after checking out some available ones here and their prices, I seriously thought it was not necessary for me to buy a new one just to put it on once in a lifetime...So, I have asked my sister to check out some second ones for me in Taiwan, and below is what we found suitable~
Simple and slightly trailing~As for the veil, I was very lucky to be able to borrow one from my colleague, not only do the colors match, the style of the dress and veil are quite similar too~!

Now coming to the invitation card design...
When thinking about the theme of the wedding, all that came into my mind was that, I don't want pink~Coincidentally, butterfly was an interesting one and there was one on my wedding shoes! So all the decor for the invitation cards and wedding venue were based on butterflies~
On the day, my best friends took up the responsibility to decorate the venue with the help of the restaurant staff. The venue turned out real amazing! Never thought it'd turn out so stunning with simple hand cut paper butterflies! Really cannot thank my friends enough... (T w T)!

My talented sister helped me sew my ribbon wedding bouquet~every night... every night...
Look how lovely it turned out! This bouquet will never perish too, keeping all the memories~

His friend too contributed in some wedding items like the ring box and the decorated wine glass, so pretty~!

Our wedding cake was perfect too, as what I wanted, and mostly importantly, it was very delicious~! Found the cake design on the internet, showed it to the pâtissière and she did an amazing job!

Overall, we were very satisfied with what we have been able to do and get. We also thank every one who has contributed in helping out during our wedding, specially our parents, siblings and close friends.

And soon, the next chapter begins...

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