Tuesday, October 27, 2015

~A Step Further: Engagement~


Finally moved a step further! Yes, am engaged with my ‘ex’-boyfriend and current fiancé~!

It’s been a long struggle, but we overcame the obstacles and are finally moving on. I’m feeling very happy being with him since university, even if it wasn’t always a blue sky, there has been rain and even cyclones, but we are finally seeing the rainbow after the storms. We know that there is still much to learn, much to overcome in the future, but we believe that together, we can!

Even before the final decision for how and where to do the engagement, we have had different opinions, yet after discussions, we have come to an agreement. We wanted to do a simple gathering of two families and have dinner in a good restaurant. I proposed LUX* Grand Gaube amongst the other options since I visited this hotel recently because of work, and we finally agreed on this venue.

LUX* Grand Gaube is a magnificent 5 star hotel situated in the North of Mauritius, when I visited it last time, the view was really wow~!


The view of Coin de Mire from its restaurant “The Beach”


One of the reasons to go to LUX* resorts: Tree of Wishes

Before heading to the hotel, we did a simple engagement ceremony at home, with him putting the engagement ring on my ring finger, cake cutting, family photo sessions and have a cup of tea together.


Napolitaine cakes to be distributed to close friends & families


Calla Lily bought by my mother for this special occasion


Reaching the hotel, it was already getting dark,so we did not take much photos before getting seated for dinner~


The menu design was really a surprise for us, we did not notice our photo until my mother told me so! The food was delicious too!! We are even interested to try out its buffet dinner next time~!


To summarize, it was a perfect night, accomplishing one important step of our lives. I am grateful for my parents’ efforts and blessings received from family and friends.

Happy happy!